Jan 20, 2012

food friday

Let's be honest with ourselves. The best part about a cruise is the food.
If there wasn't a lot of good food, we would not enjoy being stuck on a ship in the middle of nowhere.
It's simple math people...
Bad food=cranky people
Superb food= happy people
I was a happy happy girl.


  1. ughhh I died looking at those desserts.
    I've never been on a cruise before!
    You've made me decide I have to...soon. : )

    have a fantastic weekend!

  2. Found you on The Floyd Boys, I am a new follower! I know I gained like 5 lbs when we went on a cruise

    1. that's awesome! is that sad i wanted to weigh myself before and after to know that answer too? ha. if you didn't gain weight i would have been concerned. :)