Jan 19, 2012

my life at 5:30am

2 things I'm grateful for today.... and it's only 6:40am!! ha
There's something so unnatural, so wrong, so unpleasant about waking up so early, it's pitch black outside and the moon is still up. My hubs started his FIRST (career) JOB yesterday and he's officially a working man. He's a field engineer for a national commercial construction company (say that 6 x's fast). His mornings will now consist of getting up at 5:30 to go to work. I would not wish this upon anyone, since i had to do it last year with my job at the hospital. 
These last two mornings I got up with him to get him breakfast and prepare a lunch. We say our good-byes while wiping the sleep from our eyes; and although i will cherish these sweet moments, the inevitable is bound to happen. Ryan-still getting up in the dark and early and me-under the covers trying to drown out any noise he's making. Either way, this is an exciting new phase in our lives. I will make sure to appreciate this time.  
1. I'm grateful for my husband's job and his desire to take good care of us.

Since I've been getting up at 5:30, I haven't been going back to bed either. Luckily, I have my wonderful grandma who's awake downstairs who I get to go visit and watch tv with. Turns out the George Lopez show is on at 5:30, 6, and 6:30. I have never seen this show before until yesterday and to be honest, I would never sit and watch it on my own. But, my grandma L O V E S this show and i have N E V E R seen her laugh so much before. It is the cutest cutest cutest to hear her laughing so hard. and it's every 5 seconds too. Maybe one of these mornings i'll video tape it because it's S O worth sharing.
2. I'm grateful for my grandma and her contagious laughter.

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  1. OK 3 things... One... that cruise food looks AMAZING. I just ate and I'm starving all over again after reading this! Two... Congrats on your hubby's career job!! and Three... I would LOVE to see your grandma laughing at the George Lopez show :) I love your blog girl!!