Dec 5, 2011

Winter wonderland

I don't know what it is about THIS particular holiday season, but I'm so excited it's December. We will be leaving Rexburg in a few weeks to embark on our next journey in life, and I'm going to make sure that these last few weeks are super duper special. Ryan is busy finishing school and running low on the motivational fuel. So, my duties as a wife need to step up a notch since I've finished my last shift at the hospital.

1. Decorate our "dungeon" basement apartment so it's warm and cozy and full of holiday spirit.- check
2. Bake cookies and holiday sweets. Our dungeon will smell good and my hubby's stomach happy. - to do
3. Play Christmas music. Listening to music will set the mood!- check

I finished my last day at work and to celebrate Ryan plnned a special get-away. We celebrate any chance we get. ha. We went to a bed and breakfast that was super cute and cozy. There are only 4 little cabins and we were the only guests which meant we had the whole place to ourselves. The owners took extra care of us because they had no one else to tend to. It was a great weekend to be in a cozy warm cabin while it snowed outside.
 We went out to dinner to Ririe which is the closest town. There is absolutely nothing in this town but we happened to find the one place to eat on a Saturday night in town. I have to say, sometimes those small places that no one knows about are the best places to eat. Chicken mango sandwich for me and cheeseburger for Ryan. We were really happy and full people.
and what's a bed and breakfast without breakfast photos?