Dec 22, 2011

Phoenix Art Museum

Today the family and I went to the Phoenix Art Museum. I was born and raised in Phoenix but there are many places here that I've never been to or visited and the Phoenix Art Museum is one of them (shamefully, the Grand Canyon is another). Ryan and I had quite the experience because we were both scolded twice by the staff. Within the first few minutes I was getting in trouble for taking pictures in one of the exhibits where photos were prohibited. Oops. Then, a tour guide was in the middle of discussing a piece with her group when she yelled over to Ryan, "Excuse me, please do not touch the artwork." Yes, Ryan was touching the artwork and she didn't hesitate to scold him for it.

I really admire artists who are so creative and create a piece that you just stare at and think to yourself, wow, that's beautiful. I would L O V E to have their talent. I'm still trying to find my talents in life and painting must not be one of them. I dabbled in water colors  for awhile and my paintings looked like children's school art compared to theirs. Although to be perfectly honest, there are pieces where I have NO IDEA what they were thinking. That's the thing with "art" though. You can say anything is art. I can glue a bunch of yarn and scrap metal to a cardboard box and say it's art and charge hundreds of dollars for it. Either way, we had fun interpreting art when we weren't getting in trouble. :)