Dec 20, 2011

vintage az christmas

We arrived in az last night, or actually this morning at 3am. I didn't think either one of us would be able to get up this morning, but we got up at a descent hour 10am. not bad right?
Today we are slowly recovering from lack of sleep and driving all day, but it's great to be with family in our cozy decorative home. This year we're doing stocking stuffers for gifts because of our family trip planned. However, my mom has decorated our house to the T. Garland, vintage ornaments and lights are all over the house. I love seeing the cool things my mom finds at her thrift stores... I just hope one day all her vintage belongings are passed on to me.
Ryan and I have always been home for the holidays or moving from one place to another. So having our own place to decorate has been impossible or inconvenient. This is what I want to fill our home with. Am I a sucker for vintage? Well, I am my mother's daughter aren't i? (really... ..i am right?)