Dec 26, 2011

Christmas Time

 Is it true that boys turn everything into a competition? At least my husband and little brother do. And with gingerbread houses? Sigh. They were concentrating so hard they couldn't even look up and smile. boys.
 Favorite holiday tradition: We all get new pajamas on Christmas Eve, pile up in the car, and drive around to see the lights drinking our hot chocolate. Except this year, with grandma in town, there was not enough room in the truck. So my mom and I got our lawn chairs in the bed of the truck and enjoyed the view from the back. I know it's not Idaho, but it was still chilly. We stopped at the gas station to get our hot chocolate and Ryan had to take a picture of my hair... yes, it's the wind-blown look. :)
 Salvation Army on Christmas Day. Doesn't my husband look good in an apron AND happy to be there? Not like the blonde lady above. She doesn't look like she enjoyed herself. Hopefully she was just holding it in. Ha.
We hope everyone enjoyed being with family for the holidays and the memories that were created!