Sep 7, 2011

one to go

August 27

I ran my first half marathon!

why do people do that to themselves? i'm not sure. but i'm one of them now and i wouldn't say i'm hooked on running, but i love the high you get from it... you runners feel me right?

it went really well. i'm ended up walking more than i wanted to for the last 3 miles. there was a hill that was a killer and i can only blame myself for only doing ONE measley day of hill training. never again will i do that to myself. also, i need to figure out the proper way to hydrate myself properly. those last 3 miles required more walking than i wanted for two reasons

1. i was getting dehydrated and didn't carry water with me. big mistake. ( i'm investing in one of those fanny packs that hold your water bottles )
2. and i had to pee really really bad. so at the aid stations it was hard to rehydrate myself when my bladder was on the verge of bursting.

after i crossed the finish line, ryan was waiting for me with a big smile and all i could do was give him a hug and keep running for the port-a-potties. phew. i made it just in time.

anyway, it's a great feeling to accomplish something you have trained hard for. and come november, i have another half marathon i'm going down to arizona to do! this one will go much better. i'll have my water bottle strapped to my waist and hopefully this one will have port-a-potties along the way. :)

after my run! a friend from work who did the 10k and waited to watch me finish. :)
so happy it's over so i can wear my medal
ok, now i'm feeling pretty sore and tired
wearing my tshirt and medal for the day!