Sep 6, 2011

3 year mark

August 30

Just thought everyone would love to see a kissing picture from our anniversary trip to moab. gag i know. but i like it. :)

3 years ago Ryan and I wed. We just celebrated last week and we both agree that the whole marriage thing  is easy. fighting? never. loving? always! we do everything together and have all the same hobbies. we can read each others minds and finish each others sentences. we're debating of starting a marriage blog and giving advice to other couples. ok ok..... maybe i'm stretching it a little. But we do feel older and wiser, especially when couples who have been married less than a year think we've been married a long time. What? How did that happen? Either way, it is great looking back though on how far we've come along in such a short time. These three years have been awesome and i know it will keep getting better because i'm married to my best friend.

And as far as the marriage blog goes, maybe we'll wait until after kids where we are seeking advice..yah that sounds more legit. :)