Sep 16, 2011


Someone at work said how it sucks dreaming about work and then having to get up the next day and work. Is that true for everyone? Because it's definitely true for me. So if I'm not really working and getting paid for it, I'm dreaming about it. And usually, everything that can go wrong, goes wrong in my dream. Anyway, this morning I had a pleasant surprise. I got up at 530, grabbed me a bowl of cereal, and as I'm sitting down to eat, my cell phone rings and it's work asking if I want the day off. LOW CENSUS! hmm, let me think. YES, i will take the day off. How thoughtful of you job. (Really, my job isn't thoughtful, just not enough people having surgery today. Either way it's a win-win for me.) Finished my bowl of cereal and crawled back into bed with a fully tummy. My spot was still warm too. The simple pleasures in life really do it for me.

Back to sleep to get a total of 12 hours......zzzzzzz. Yes i'm a sleepaholic and no i'm not seeking help for it.

Okay, I'm awake now with no agenda today. Ryan is at school and won't be home for hours.  Plus it's raining. Who doesn't like a lazy day inside when it's raining. It's almost therapeutic. I started off cleaning our disastrous place. Why? Family doesn't come in until next Thursday. I'll put it off until Wednesday evening. Today I am going to enjoy the beauty of nothing. What I feel like doing, I'll do it and besides painting my toes, there's not much else I want to do...