Sep 16, 2011

in love

I've never written a post on something I ate before but this needed to be shared.

There are certain foods I NEVER liked eating. Some of those are still on my list (ie cauliflower), others are not. Back in the day, I think I had a few nasty tomatoes and unconciously exed them off my "foods I will eat" list. I'm talking  about the tomatoes that look pink and are soggy. ugh. Never again. However, after branching out (I'm an adult now, my tastes are maturing) I have been trying tomatoes again and after a few great tomatoes, they are allowed back on edible foods list.

Well, this week someone left us a bag of dark luscious tomatoes on our doorstep (I think my neighbor with the garden but i'm still not sure) and today, with our bare refridgerator i decided to make a sandwich with the tomatoes.

Ever heard of or seen a lemon cucumber?

Well, now you've at least seen one. I had never seen/tasted one until this past week when a coworker brought some to share. Me and my maturing taste buds decided to slice some up and make a tomato & (lemon) cucmber sandwich. What i got was heavenly.

Multi grain bread, toasted- it has to be toasted and it has to be multi-grain. it gives it more oomph.
thin slices of dark red luscious ripe tomatoes
peeled lemon cucumber thinly sliced as well
dash of salt
skip the mayo (it's on my list of "YUCK I WILL NEVER EAT" items, but if you must go ahead)

I should have taken a picture, but by sandwich 1..2...and 3. yes three. they were gone before i could take one. DOH! Here's one, it does NOT do it much justice but you get the idea. Plus, this one is with a regular cucumber. Boooo. It will have to do. Try it.. enjoy it... fall in love.