Apr 21, 2011

Brown but homeless

Ryan and I are officially the only tan people in Idaho, at least in Rexburg, Idaho. And I don't think we're even THAT dark. Ryan of course, having that Native American blood in him, is naturally darker than I am. I'm hoping this color I have will last me until the weather warms up a bit.

We are still looking for a place to call home. Our lovely aunt and uncle have been kind to let us stay at their place in the mean time. It looks like we are living out of our car though considering all of our luggage is piled in the back seats. My brush is buried somewhere in there and my confession to you is that I haven't brushed my hair in 5 days. Thanks to Dove conditioner and my fingers, my hair is fit for public viewing. I guess shaving it is always an option...

Until things get settled, I will stay busy putting lotion on my overly dry skin. What a wonderful welcoming gift. It's good to be back.