Mar 26, 2011

Tsunami Findings

Since we live along the water, we have been able to uncover a lot of random things washed up on the shore. The water was very receeded the day after. usually you don't see much coral if any in our backyard. We saw a tire in our backyard and thought we should go exploring. Ryan and I went for a walk along our backyard beach and this is what we found:

1. sunblock
2. permanent marker
3. tennis balls
4. emergency kit
5. tires
6. fishing lure
7. crab cage

Yes, these were all right in our own backyard. We felt like we were on a treasure hunt........ or junk hunt.
Since the tsunami a lot of dead fish are along the shorelines too. Especially the pucker fish and eels. Here was the find of the week below.

He's so hard core.