Mar 23, 2011

Count down


So, it hit me. Today we officially have 19 days. 19 days. That is just not sitting very well with me. And i don't think it's sitting very well with Ryan either who is going back to school taking 18.5 credits.

I asked Ryan to make a list of things he would like to do before leaving and here are a. Few things we are going to accomplish before leaving. Keep in mind that we have saved certain things for when my parents come our last week.

Here we go...My list

1. Polynesian cultural center- something cultural
2. Pearl harbor- something historical
3. Hike Stairway to heaven- something illegal...shhh
4. Horse riding on Rita's son's ranch- something fun
5. Hike kook crater- something physical
6. Drive around island- scenic
7. Camp on beach- adventurous
8. Dole plantation- to get the pineapple ice-cream
9. Kayak to flat island- something challenging

This may be a shocker, but when i go on vacations or travel somewhere, I am not a big fan of doing the whole tourist scene. I'm grateful Ryan isn't big into it either. I feel like we have been able to really experience the Hawaiian culture by getting to know the locals and seeing the sights that are not as well-known.

What do you prefer? Seeing the big sights or doing your own thing?

Well, I will try and post as much as i can on our last 19 days as we try and make them count before heading to Idaho!! Hawaii to Idaho? That's not right. It will be too soon when Ryan will have to go back to reality, school Monday through Friday starting at 7:45am! I have to say, he is well rested... But his brain might go on overload.