Feb 3, 2011

She must be a tourist

I have to say, and Ryan would agree, that people here really are laid back and friendly. I have never seen in my life people be so nice when it comes to driving. They are almost too nice if you can imagine that. If you need to make a left hand turn and there are a row of cars coming your way, you will not have to wait long before the cars all stop to let you go before they carry on. And pedestrians- they have it sooo nice. You're not scared for your life and feel like you have to dodge cars here. I've gone for a walk and maybe I'll stop for a second and look back at the cars coming. They will stop and wave for me to run across the street. I'll have to let them know I'm not crossing or something because they will just stop and wait. No one is in a hurry here. I'm not even joking, but sometimes two cars will just be waving the other one on and they're like... "no you go ahead"... "no YOU go ahead"... "no no that's ok. I insist. You go ahead." It's crazy. Our neighbor has this bumper sticker which I thought was pretty hilarious and fitting for hawaiian driving.  

Another thing too, everyone is always saying hello. This morning, a friend and I were running down the beach and it seemed like we couldn't carry on a conversation because someone was saying good morning to us every 10 seconds. It was really funny because my friend said good morning to this girl as we were running by and she didn't say anything back. How rude! It was almost offensive. My friend looked at me and said, "She must be a tourist." Ha.

So two tips that I have for you when traveling to Hawaii, be a considerate driver and say hello to everyone. It's not a compliment when they think you're a tourist.