Feb 28, 2011

Nose picker

Ryan and I got a calling in church. It's not official, we're just permanent subs for the sunbeams until we leave here. Our kids are the cutest. I do say that about every sunbeam class though. I just love them because they don't hold anything back. For example, last Sunday we were teaching our class, I was in the middle of talking when the girl yells "eeeeew" !! She then proceeds to point at Ryan and yell "HE JUST PICKED HIS NOSE!!!" The class all joins in to say EEWWWWW. I look at Ryan and his face his brught red and he denies it, of course, while laughing.

I learned two things that day.
1. Even though young kids pick their nose, if they see you do it, they will still think it's gross.
2. If you try to deny it they will keep going on and on saying "yes you did! I saw you! You picked your nose!" over and over until you admit it.