Feb 18, 2011

a New DO

Most girls understand what a hassle long hair is. My hair is always tangled no matter how much conditioner I use. I figured it was something I had to deal with but I decided not to put up with it anymore. Especially being here.... something had to be done. So I went and cut it short. And no it wasn't that simple. Let me explain.

I know when my mother reads this she'll be upset and say to herself "i told you so", but I went to supercuts to get my hair cut. I've always gone to the cheap place to get my hair cut because i usually just go in for a trim. I'm not paying more than what I have to for someone to cut 1/2 inch off. (Man i miss the days of $5 hair cuts at the beauty schools in Rexburg.) 

Turns out the next day after getting my hair cut I noticed that my hair was REALLY uneven. I mean REALLY uneven like how could someone be so off... seriously. I asked Ryan what he thought and he said he noticed but didn't want to say anything. WHAT? YOU WERE GOING TO LET YOUR WIFE WALK AROUND WITH NOTICEABLY UNEVEN HAIR? ugh. I had to go back to get it fixed and guess what, she didn't even do it that well. So I had to go in ANOTHER time. So frustrating. I need to learn to cut my own hair.

Anyway. 2 appointments later (yes it took 2 more appointments for them to fix it ) my hair is finally even. YAY!
Maybe it's not THAT short for you all, but for me it's pretty short. I miss my long hair but it will grow back. For now, I will enjoy not having a nest in the back of my head. :)

Here is a picture I found that shows how long my hair was before.

You have to excuse the "wind-blown look" and it's not even "super-model-wind-blown" look either. But you catch the idea. Plus, don't I look so much happier with short hair? Maybe it's the amazing beach behind us that I'm happy with.