Jan 30, 2011

This Island is Big

This past week Ryan and I were able to go over to the Big Island to see Ryan's parents. It was a week of "first-timers". We had a lot of new experiences, hence calling it the week of "first-timers." For starters, this was the first flight I had been on. We were in the air for about 30 minutes. 
The airplanes are never that packed when traveling interisland so they moved us to the emergency exit for more leg room. The stewardess came over and asked us if we wanted to exchange seats. I think she noticed Ryan folding up to sit down in our measly tiny seats. We landed and the airport was so neat, if you can even call it that. It was all outdoors and just looked like a few huts in a circle. We took a ramp to get off the airplane and walked for 2 minutes to the exit of the "airport".

We ran into Marilyn who was waiting for us. Barry was around the corner waiting on a bench. Ryan decided to sneak up on his dad. When we saw Barry up ahead with his back to us, Ryan left his luggage and ran over to scare him. With the few seconds his baggage was left UNATTENDED, security came over right away and asked whose luggage it belonged to. Oops. Apparently you are NOT to leave baggage unattended.

We got in the Kia minivan and hit the road!
These are some of the sights we saw our first day. We drove around the entire island.

I don't remember the name of this beach, but it was where everyone would come and snorkel. So I refer to it as the Snorkeler's beach. So clever i know. I thought it was quite funny because there was a group of people in a small area of the water. People were bumping into each other. I probably would have held on to someone's leg and just let them pull me around to avoid swimming into someone. Oh yeah, there was also a bunch of old people. And not much sand, so everyone was like sardines on the beach. Check out the picture of Ryan and I and see if you can find Marilyn hiding.

I'm pretty sure these people don't know each other. That's how crammed it was on this tiny beach.

The Big Island is pretty different from O'ahu. It was weird seeing fields of lava. Not quite what I picture Hawaii to be like.

The trees are crazy big here too.

South Point
We went to the most south point of the United States. Now how many people can say that eh?

I love this picture. We have Barry with his umpteenth bag of Cheetos and I have my triscuits. You would think we would have set our food down for a group photo but no, we didn't let those out of our sights.

Next stop: Black Sand Beach
And no I didn't make that name up, I'm pretty sure that's what they call it and I'm sure you can figure out why.

 Volcano National Park

I love these pictures when you can tell that the camera was set upon something with a timer. Hence, the long long pole you see. haha. Just follow the pole down a mile and you will see us.

Yes. A deer in the headlights. I'm so embarrassed.

Barry and Marilyn walking through the lava tubes.

Everyone needs a picture of themselves in front of nice sunset. One thing about Hawaii, the sunrise/sunsets are so beauitful. Lately, every morning I get up, grab myself some breakfast, and go watch the sunrise before my sleeping beauty gets up. :) That's one thing that I've never been able to take the time and watch, mostly because the sunrise would be way too early for me to even consider getting up to watch. The sunrise here is about 7 so it's perfect timing.
Here is our sunset picture. This was after our long day of circling the island.