Jan 25, 2011

Byodo-In Temple

The Byodo-In Temple was built in the 1960's to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the first Japanese immigrant workers in Hawaii who came to work in the sugar plantation fields. It is a replica of the 950-year-old Byodoin Temple located in Uji, Japan on the southern outskirts of Kyoto.

Some of you Lost fans may recognize it. It was Sun's father's home. Yeah, I thought you would recognize it now. For those of you who aren't, I only suggest the first 4 seasons. It loses its thunder from then on.

There were tons tons tons of birds and you can buy food to feed them. Ryan would put some of the food in his hand and they would all swoop to his hand. It was hard to get them to come to Jeri, Rita and me. We figured Ryan and branch-like arms that the birds were more comfortable landing on.
 We wanted Rita to be able to hold a bird. None of them would go to her and her poor arm was getting tired from holding it out. Ryan was able to catch one and put it in her hand. I love this picture. She was saying "hello little birdie". Awwww. A few seconds after the picture was taken the bird fluttered away and scared Rita quite a bit.

 Jeri and I meditating