Dec 23, 2010

La'ie Falls- First of many hikes

We thought we could start doing a hike a week.... but maybe that's too much. From past experiences, we should really not set our goals too high. But heck, maybe 2011 will be different right? We hiked La'ie Falls, which surprisingly doesn't have any water falls, bummer. And on top of that, we went the day after it had been raining. Since the mud was caking onto the bottom of our shoes, we were able to get some natural leg weights for a more intense workout.

i know i know, not much of a scenery picture

 Right before the trail head you pass by this persons driveway. Walking up to it you're thinking it must be a joke. People don't really put signs up saying they will shoot you.... do they? Yes. There are people here who are angry at the Americans for taking their land. You can tell who they are real quickly when their whole driveway has a row of warnings. My favorite? IF YOU'RE NOT BLOOD, YOU WILL BLEED!!!!!!