Dec 19, 2016

Greyson Porter

Greyson is coming up on 6 weeks on Wednesday and I'm looking at these pictures like... huh? Who dat baby? I tell ya, the little newborn look doesn't last long. He's changed so much!

So Greyson's birth story goes a little something like this...

The last month of my pregnancy, I was having severe pain in my groin from Greyson's positioning. The doctor said I could either do physical therapy (which wasn't realistic with two kids and only a few weeks left of pregnancy), be on bedrest (which once again, isn't that realistic taking care of two kids), OR be induced early. Hmm.. being induced actually seemed super nice and convenient with planning a place for the boys to go. So we set a date to be induced. And then a few days before I was to be induced, I called it off. I was in pain---yes, but I was getting so anxious about "knowing" I was going to have him on a certain day and I decided I'd rather let him come on his own.

Well, my due date came and he wasn't here. My pain had gotten tremendously worse and I thought, "dang girl, you crazy for canceling your induction." Yeah, maybe. I went in for a check-up the following day and guess what, I was 4cm and 50% and the doctor asked if I wanted to go to the hospital and have this baby today. Umm...yeah!!! Let's do this.

I was at the hospital by noon. Ryan took the boys to a friends house and joined me. I got my epidural right away because the last two pregnancies resulted in being induced after a long day of labor and this time I wanted to enjoy my epidural from the get-go!!

Ryan and I played scrabble---which I was kicking his butt in, and watched some funny youtube videos. Just the typical "waiting-for-baby" stuff. I was pushing that epidural button every few minutes. I wanted to make sure I was completely comfortable and taking FULL advantage of the epidural this time around.

Mid-scrabble game, I was feeling some intense pressure and pushed my epidural button a few more times. I know pushing it 10 times in one minute doesn't give you more, but mentally it helps. The pressure got more intense and the epidural wasn't doing anything. Not that I was having any pain... I just didn't want to feel anything... not even an itch on my pinky toe. :) ha.

The nurse grabbed the doctor for a cervix check (jeeze those are fun) and he informed us.... you're a 10!

It was 430pm and they started setting up the room. We joked that the doctor wanted to head home by 5pm.

Can I tell you how weird this was for Ryan and me. We were like, "Uh, we were just playing scrabble and now we are going to have a baby??" It's these few moments that always get me anxious. It's also these few minutes that I remember specifically with each delivery. Ryan will lean his head in to mine and say a prayer. And he gives me the most encouraging uplifting words. It's loud and chaotic in the room, but he always makes me feel calm and peaceful. He's seriously the best cheerleader when it comes to our deliveries. Give that guy two pom-poms and he'll make up your own personal cheer and make you feel like you can do ANYTHING!!!!!

Two contractions later, this angel was put into my arms. 4:47pm

Greyson Porter Shideler
Ryan brought the kids in the next day to meet their newest brother. Luckily, my friend didn't come until the following day to take pictures because these boys were complete animals. I take that back--- they were intrigued for the first few minutes, but once they learned my bed had buttons that made it go up and down and there was a remote to a TV AND a bulb syringe to play with, Greyson became second tier.

(also, can we note how Ryan dressed Simon in a skull sweatshirt for our pictures?! :) I was laughing so hard. Good thing his sweet face softens the roughness of the sweater.)
Simon actually was very sweet with Greyson. He asked, "hold it?" and would NOT let go when we tried to get him back. Simon's chubby hands wrapped around tiny Greyson with a death grip. :)

They've really been into magic tricks lately and there was only one thing I could come up with in the moment to get the boys to gather around Greyson for a decent picture. :) So no, they're not looking at Greyson's adorable little facial features... they're looking in his ear trying to find the quarter mommy said was in there.  

We love you, Greyson!
Welcome to this crazy family.