Oct 3, 2013


 This past week all the Shideler's (-3) rounded up together on a house boat at Lake Powell. Sounds like a great idea right? 12 grandkids and 9 adults all on one house boat. :) Well, it was! We had the whole lake to ourselves (practically) and the weather was perfect. The sun was shining and warming our skin, the breeze was blowing, and the water was only slightly frigid. There was ice cream at the marina, there was water skiing, knee boarding, wake boarding, and tubing. There was Indian ruins, fishing, camp fires, food, food and more food. There was so much food I finally puked the last night after squeezing a few more bites of candy before bed. How do I know it was candy? (No i'm not pregnant... the thought crossed my mind too.) The next night after we got home I had a Butterfinger right before bed. (Don't judge me). Anyway, I woke up at 2am and threw that up too. Yes, the candy binge was worth it but I'll be taking a break until our next family get together.

Oh, and how can I forget... there was some serious facial hair between the brothers. Why do boys think it's a good idea to grow out mustaches, completely disregarding the wives being opposed? Luckily they shaved them off after the first day so not all of the pictures were scarred by some creepy mustaches.