Sep 3, 2013

beach bums

To narrow down my favorite things of being a mother would be completely impossible. The list goes on and on. Right now, at the top of my list, is watching Lincoln discover the world. Everything he sees or feels he's intrigued by. Can we invent something that tells us what babies are thinking? Because when he saw the ocean for the first time and just stared, and stared, and stared, I wanted so badly to know what was going on in that head of his. Who knows, he could have seen the water and was worried it was bath time. He preferred staying in our arms, hanging on tightly because the cold water and sand on his feet just wasn't his thing yet. Sooner or later I know he will want to run off and not let us hold him. So while he feels safe in our arms he can cling those chubby hands to us as much as he pleases.