Sep 26, 2013

6 months

ok. blogging has been last on my to do list lately. If you sat and asked me what I've been up to lately my brain would have trouble recalling. It's this motherhood amnesia thing, I don't remember anything that happened prior to Lincoln's last nap.

here's a few things I can recall:

Last Friday night felt like Christmas to me. You'll laugh after you hear why.
I've had this HUGE honey-to-do list that Ryan has been sweeping under the rug--- He knows what I want done so I feel like I shouldn't have to keep asking him. I never want to nag, but I wouldn't have to if he just did the things I asked the first time I asked right? HA! I rarely bring it up because after a long work week and church meetings/activities, I really do want him to do the things he wants to do. And if playing this Call of Duty game is what he wants to do....sigh..... so be it.

But this past Friday night we made a huge dent in the list. We've had a dresser standing in our doorway for MONTHS that we've needed to carry upstairs to our room. And we've had a mirror leaning against the wall that has been glaring at me every day since we moved in almost 10 months ago! So there we were, on a Friday night, trying our best to quietly carry a 6foot dresser up stairs, tip toeing past sleeping Lincoln. And while Ryan was softly hammering the mirror up, and I was opening boxes with our new yellow bar stools, I got this feeling like it was Christmas Eve-- or at least a taste of what our future Christmas Eves would feel like. Except instead of softly hammering up mirrors and pictures and opening boxes of stools, we would quietly assemble our kids' bikes and put presents under the tree. I asked Ryan if he felt like it was Christmas Eve, he said no. The Christmas Eve vibe was completely demolished by my Grinch.

Onto our 6 month old: we had our checkup last week. 19lb 8oz! 90% in height and weight. And to sum everything up the doctor said, He looks healthy, is doing great, and has really cool hair. Come on doc, tell us something we don't know. :)

Side bar on these pictures- I've been taking monthly pictures of Lincoln to put a little collage of his first year and it has become a bit of a wrestling match trying to get him to lay still on the bed long enough to get a shot. He flips over and starts darting to the edge. I'm constantly flipping him over, grabbing an ankle, and dragging him back to the middle. The days are long gone where he would just lay patiently as I took as many pictures as my new-motherly-heart pleased. Doh!