Jun 3, 2013

family and marriage

MONDAY! I feel so refreshed, ready for whatever this week will bring. Tons of energy here. This weekend was a restful weekend. Lincoln has officially transitioned to sleeping throughout the night, an occassional hiccup here or there but this new mom feels great. This weekend we had the opportunity to hear from an Apostle from The The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, Elder Russell M. Ballard.

Ryan and I left the church meetings with a stronger testimony of the importance of family and committment in marriage. He talked about how he and his wife, every night, take each other by the hand and say, "I'm grateful I had one more day with you." And this is how Ryan and I both feel about each other. We are grateful. We know our marriage is eternal and our committment to each other and the gospel will keep us strong and help us endure through everything. There is no way Satan can destroy our marriage when we stay committed. This doesn't mean our marriage will be perfect. But when we view our marriage and the covenants we made with each other seriously, the troubles we will face will be overcome through our committment to each other and to our family.

Family is so important, and when I see these two boys, I can't help but think how wonderful life is.