Jun 18, 2013

a potato for our trip to idaho

this saturday will be a first.
Lincoln and I are flying to Idaho for a family reunion.
First time Lincoln flies, and first time I fly with Lincoln.
Let's just say, the flying alone will be quite an adventure. We'll be in Idaho for a week, then we'll fly to Colorado to meet Ryan and his family for another week!
Cooler weather for 2 weeks? Yes please and thank you.
Lots of traveling, which means 2 weeks of not sleeping in his crib.
SO. We wanted to buy a travel crib and have him start taking naps in it to get used to a new a new sleeping arrangement. We won't have any problems. This boy sleeps anywhere.
I found this beauty for him to use and it's perfect for traveling. It folds up small so I can easily carry it in the airport with baby in tow. And because I'm in a stenciling/stamping mood lately, I stamped this beauty with a potato. yes, a potato. I'm confident the new design upped it's resale value. :)
tips: cut the design deep and dab with a napkin to get excess moisture out. Use right away or cut edges will start to turn in.

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