Mar 30, 2013

week 1

We totally get it now. Once you join the parenthood club (P.C.), all those idiosyncrasies you see in "parents" becomes a part of you. For example: parents think whatever facial expression their baby makes IS. THE. CUTEST! Let me set things straight. Because my Lincoln IS. THE. CUTEST. OF. THEM. ALL! Even if he just stares blankly back at me and rips one, it is the CUTEST! :)

One thing parents do once you're in the P.C., which I caught onto very quickly, is picture-taking OVERLOAD....especially with the first. The pictures from Lincoln's first week is enough to prove it! :)

Here's two things I picked up this P.C. knowledge:
1. Keep the boys "equipment" covered while diaper changing. Who would have thought twice in one day we would see old faithful during our diaper change?
2. Just because you give him his first bath doesn't mean he won't have a massive diarrhea attack on his bath towel afterwards. Pretty much defaced it.

Ironic they both have to do with pee and poo? Part of the P.C. initiation.