Jul 9, 2012

My sleeping baby

Saturdays Ryan likes to sleep in. And it's not really sleeping in, I just say that when I'm awake before him and patiently and quietly go eat breakfast and wait for him to wake up. Last Saturday I thought I'd clean up a little bit before he got up and when I went into our bedroom to take a pile of shoes in, this is what I saw. A 6'7 body hidden somewhere under the pile of blankets and one big and bare foot.
Our weekends have been booked with house hunting. We have had mostly terrible luck and have been in a few homes we would like to have never stepped foot in and have completely erased from our memory. I won't go into details but it pretty much involved a middle-aged pastey-white creepy man that left our realtor, Ryan, and myself speechless leaving his home. Ryan and I stopped at a gas station afterwards to go wash our hands. Our new rule is to not view homes where people are still living in them. Vacant homes ONLY!!!!!!
On a brighter note, we did find one in particular we have our eyes set on. Ryan says I shouldn't get my hopes up incase we don't get it...... too late.