Jun 12, 2012

vegas weekend

For two married L.D.S. people, Vegas is not the ideal vacation. Let me explain...

1. We don't drink alcohol- but we do love our green tea and coconut water
2. We're not big gamblers- Ryan dropped & lost 60 bucks in like 20 minutes. Does that count? :)
3. We don't go to the strip/dance clubs- we have our own private shows and dance parties with just the two of us. :) ha  

HOWEVER, this weekend we had the best time. We are such home-bodies so staying out till 1-2am was CA-RAZY for us! Ha. We walked around to the different hotels, watched the water show at the Bellagio, late night dinners, laying out by the pool, and shopping at miracle mile. 

One night, as we headed back to our hotel, we stopped at a convenience store. I got dark chocolate and Ryan got a bag of candy. As we were walking I laughed to myself. There we were, eating our treats, walking hand-in-hand, and we were so happy; it doesn't take much. It's the simple things, each other, and our sweets. :)