Jun 6, 2012

counting my many blessings

I had the opportunity today to volunteer with a dear friend and her coworkers at the soup kitchen. It wasn't my first time, but the times I have been are few and far inbetween. But I wanted to write my feelings to help motivate myself to make the effort to volunteer more.
There is nothing more rewarding than giving to those who are in need. I looked at their faces and wondered what circumstances brought them to this point in their life? This is someone's child living on the streets. Have you ever stopped and seriously considered how your life would be with no home, no job, no car. I stopped and thought what I would do, where I would go.

The work that is accomplished through donations and volunteers is remarkable. We fed over 1500 people today, breakfast and lunch. To see that these people are taken care of for three meals a day and that everything is run by volunteers, clothes that are handed out- donated, and the food served was prepared and donated as well.....completely humbling. I'm so grateful for the blessings in my life and know that because I have been blessed, I need to give back to others. It's a blessing in itself serving those in need.

There's always one person who expresses so much gratitutde, it makes donating your time worth it. There was one guy who, as I handed him his fork, reached out to shake my hand and with a warm smile, said thank you for everything you are doing. After he finished eating, he came back again to share his gratitude. I don't know his name, I don't know his story, and I don't know where he will be sleeping tonight, but I do know that sacrificing a few hours of my time, touched at least one person's life.