May 29, 2012

Newport Beach

The Girls.
We're working on starting a Wives Club since all of our husbands work together. Official Wives Club name T.B.A.
Me, Dina, Britt
The Boys.
Trevor (the one in the middle) was pretty much in the ocean the entire time. I finally snapped a shot of the boys as we were leaving to head back to AZ and he finally decided to come in to say good bye. Which explains why David and Ryan aren't standing any closer to Trevor who is cold and soaking wet. And I guess it's not "cool" to stand closer like us girls do. :) And does Ryan look black? Or is it because he's standing next to Trevor who applied SPF 50 every hour on the hour? Ha.
David, Trevor, Ryan
 One of the couples (David and Britt) asked Ryan if he would get a few pictures of them out on the beach. Trevor thought Ryan looked funny taking pictures of the couple so Trev got a picture of Ryan taking a picture of David and Britt. I saw Trevor, taking a picture of Ryan, who was taking a picture of David and Britt, and had to take a picture of the WHOLE thing. Hilarious. For anybody who didn't know we all knew each other, I can see how extremely CREEPY that must have looked. HA!