May 21, 2012

i've been.....

...........completely EMBARRASSED and I wish I could call Ryan this second and tell him what I just faced by my lonesome self, but I can't. So I will share my embarrassment here so I can laugh out loud.... AGAIN.... and maybe make you laugh too. :) I'm sure he will be very pleased with me for sharing this as well.

We  set up internet in our apartment this weekend. For the past few months we haven't had internet, which is a HUGE PAIN IN MY BUTT! Especially when I need to look up a little something and have to wait till Ryan gets home to use his smart phone. (first world problems I know). Well, you know how you set up your internet name? Let's just say we were in a goofy mood when we made ours up and never NEVER NEVER thought it would come back and completely slap us in the face, and about 20 minutes ago, I got slapped.... HARRRD.

This is where it gets interesting: the internet guys came over to fix our connection. One of the guys (there were two) pulled out his phone and was looking at the list of connections and said, "Man, people name their internet really weird things!!!!" and proceeded to name off a few of them. I was beginning to feel a little warm in the face and let out a nervous laugh and agreed with him. But I'm pretty sure I gave it away when he read ours aloud because my face turned BRIGHT RED and I ended up walking out of the room shortly after, trying to slow my pace so it didn't appear I was bolting out the front door and never coming back.

Background on internet name:  I don't know why or how this got started, but sometimes when Ryan would surprise me with flowers or chocolate or some treat, he would come home and ask me, "Have you been good today?" I knew if I said yes and held out my hand, he would have a surprise to give me. Which led us to joking with each other saying, "No, I've been bad!" Which then leads us to our internet name.......... IveBeenBad.

There's nothing I can say to make our internet name sound decent and I won't dare tell you the password either. I thought the guys would be able to leave without knowing the truth about how twisted we are, but they needed to know our internet name to help them diagnose the problem. AND THEN, as if they couldn't leave this poor embarrassed girl alone, they needed the password too!!!!!!! NO WAY!!!!!WHAT DO I SAY???? I told them I didn't know the password and I would text my husband to get it. Luckily, they got it fixed before the password issue came up again.

Lesson learned: Don't have your internet named something you don't feel comfortable sharing with others. And the password too. :) This one is going in the books. And yes, we will be changing our internet name and password tonight.