Apr 5, 2012

working hard or hardly working

Ryan's job requires a lot of time. His company is a great and I know his hours could be so much worse. So I'm grateful for that. However, if I were to vent about something, it would be the fact our last few Saturdays have required him going to work. The project is wrapping up very soon and I guess going in on Saturdays is usual towards the end of projects. But come on now, that is OUR time they're stealing. You can have him Mon-Fri but Saturday and Sunday, forget about it. Oh well. Not much I can do about it. Or is there? :)

Saturdays they require one of the field engineers to be on site so the subcontractors can get more work done. This past Saturday Ryan had a short afternoon shift so I tagged along. Ryan gave me a wonderfully exclusive tour of the project. If getting to spend quality time with my husband requires this of me on a what-should-be a relaxing Saturday, then so be it.