Mar 20, 2012

i want moh motown

You're about to learn about my love for motown and oldies music. And the surprising part is that it all began when I was in 3rd grade. I don't know if there were many 3rd graders like me that loved motown music, but I did. I would listen to the oldies station in my bedroom, have my blank cassette tape in the player, and when a good song came on i would hurry and push the record button and try to get the whole song.
I remember we were going on a family vacation to west yellow stone and my family wasn't prepared with music... but i had my cassette tapes full of oldies. One of those songs on the tape was Sweat Pea by Tommy Roe. Never heard of it? Look it up. One of my faves.
Turns out the phoenix symphony was doing a motown tribute and we were fortunate enough, even though Ryan may not think so, to go see the performance this weekend. We also dragged some friends along for a dressed up night of hearing the Temptations, Diana Ross, Four Tops, Stevie Wonder and more.
Another thing many don't know, I collect vintage dresses. I hardly wear them, but I have a closet full of them and I'll buy them and just keep them in my closet because I think they're so beautiful to look at! Weird i know. Anyway, I was happy because I was able to wear a dress I bought last year that I had never worn. Ryan, please take a picture of the dress. :)
Did I mention we had balcony seats? It's true, our private balcony for the four of us to dance and clap and sing along with the everyone else below us. :)