Feb 18, 2012

San Felipe- Part I

Last weekend was spent in beautiful San Felipe, Mexico with my biff and her family. They have a beautiful home over looking the Sea of Cortez one one side and humbling mountains on the other. We slept on the roof one night under the millions of visible stars and were mesmorized by the vibrant sunsets. By day we were soaking up the sun, eating, shopping, eating, laughing, and more eating. The amount of eating should have been down right illegal.
Ever been to a panaderia in Mexico?
If you have, you might have an idea of what I went through this weekend.
If you haven't, don't go. You'll eat way too much and go into carb and sugar overload.
Oh what the heck, just go. It's worth it.
Karn really wanted to make a trip to get her some sweet bread. We went to one on our first day. I thought we were going to go in and pick out one thing each. Nope. Whatever looked pretty or smelled good, we bought one. Paid, ran outside, and devoured. Second day, we hit up another one and once again, picked out more than needed, ate more than needed, and had a well-deserved upset stomach. Our last day, headed to the border, we had to make one last stop. Ridiculous right?