Feb 2, 2012

it's just a bag i know

any one who knows me, mark your calendar.
even if you don't know me personally, mark your calendar.
i bought a purse. a. PURSE. people!
The only problem, i've gone so long without a purse (years!) that i have nothing to put in it.
Whenever the hubs and I go out, i have my phone MAYBE and that's it. I never take my card case or chapstick because 1. ryan always pays and 2. he always has chapstick.

so, here's my first step to becoming more of a lady and carrying a purse with a small card case (license and debit card), lizard lips chapstick (the BEST ever chapstick) and my iPhone 8 that I got off the black market. It calls and texts. So cool right?
Who knows... i may become the purse lady that has EVERYTHING you need in there. Oh you need some tape and scissors? Got it. Fingernail clippers? Check. a flashlight, a candle, shampoo, a cup, it's in there too.