Jan 14, 2012

Change of Plans

So, you know how we were supposed to be moving to New Mexico? We were supposed to be leaving AZ this Monday but we found out a week ago that we are actually being transferred to P H O E N I X! Let's just say the change of plans has caused a wee bit of stress.. ok a lot of stress. We didn't contact our moving company before leaving on the cruise and they moved our stuff to New Mexico. NOW, not only is our stuff in a storage unit in a different state, but Ryan is also starting a week earlier than planned. We now have no belongings and no apartment.
Come what may and love it right? We will have to adjust our plans and make the most of being here in Phoenix. We have loved living in different states while being married. I was born and raised here but there are so many things I haven't seen here in AZ that we will definitely be making plans to visit this year... including the Grand Canyon. Sunnier days are coming our way! :)