Jan 1, 2012


My BEST girls from high school.
The last time we were all together, I think, was at my wedding over 3 years ago.
It's hard for us to all get together, especially since I'm hardly in Arizona. But when we finally got back together this past week, it's was like nothing had changed. We laugh at the same stupid things and talk until we fall asleep. These are the best girls. Thanks for a great night!

Oh, and HAPPY 2012!
last night was a mellow night, but perfect for me.
The hubby, biff, and family had lots of food, made a pie :) and played poker.
We finally got up from the table 1 minute before midnight to watch the ball drop on TV.
I have to be cheesy and say how superb 2011 was. We were extremely blessed and have so many GREAT MEMORIES and can't wait to see what this year will bring.

What's everyone's New Years Resolution?
I'm thinking of mine still...