Nov 29, 2011

Giving in a time of need

This is Karin and her husband Barry. Karin is a friend of mine that I went to nursing school with. Thanksgiving eve, she and her husband were hit head on by a drunk driver. They were both hospitalized as trauma patients requiring several surgeries for multiple injuries. Gratefully, they are recovering well but will still require additional surgeries. With 9 kids at home, this fundraiser has been set up to help them with their expenses in a time of need.
I was able to see Karin last night at the hospital during work and she is the optimistic Karin we all remember her to be. She has several broken bones but said she was grateful her left arm wasn't broken since she's left handed. :) Let's do whatever we can to help her and her family through this trying time.
I have set up a paypal donations account for them. Please donate whatever you are able to give with the donation botton at the top of this page. Every bit counts. Thank you.