Jun 16, 2011

You've got mail

Okay. I KNOW I am not the only one who likes getting stuff in the mail. It's the best. I check our mailbox everyday after work. Most of the time it's empty, but when there is something addressed to us... Yay! Bills are a different story of course.

Mondays are always hard. But you know what makes the better x1000? getting a package! I ordered some shoes off eBay. I never buy off the Internet because I like to see in person what I'm buying, especially clothes and shoes. But I gave in out of pure desperation. I really needed some good nursing shoes. When you are running around all day your feet need t.l.c. I've been coming home and having trouble walking around barefoot because me feet were sore. If you were to ask a nurse what are Tyne best shoes for working, most would say Dansko. And that my friends, is what i got. Retail is over $100 easily. And considering how these a completely unfashionable, I had a hard time forking that money for some ugly shoes. But i found a new pair online, plain black, for $45! yes!

Here's to complete comfort and no style! My new work shoes.