May 16, 2011

broken record

Last Thursday was the first day in Rexburg that it got over 70 degrees in over 200 days. Crazy right? I heard it was a record. I've been waiting for this day for so long... Almost 1 month to be exact. that sounds pathetic considering people have been waiting since last september. Regardless, in that month span I forgot what a lack of sunshine can do to a persons emotional stability. Just ask Ryan.

The weekend was really nice and it gave us a chance to get outside. Before last Thursday I've been huddled around our electric heater trying to get warm. One day Ryan got home earlier than expected. I heard him opening up our door but it was too late. He saw me sitting Indian style on the floor next to the heater. Guilty as charged running up the electric bill. Ps electric heaters suck and do nothing to warm you up unless you sit Indian style right in front of it.

Thursday and Friday was all me, a pillow, a blanket, sunglasses and breaking dawn (dont be knocking the twilight series) outside in our green backyard. With this kind of weather, and the excitement in my book... I wouldn't mind one more week without work. PS. I did not look directly into the sun while taking this picture :)

Saturday before the storm came in Ryan and i broke out the bikes and went over to the nature park. We watched the ducks chasing each other. so cute. :)