Mar 8, 2011


Yesterday morning I was going out for a run and I walk outside, Lo and behold I saw a beautiful bright FULL rainbow. I couldn't believe it. Right outside our front door. So I ran inside and grabbed the camera to capture this beautiful rainbow. I took a few pictures and I realized that it was not just one rainbow but TWO FULL rainbows... DOUBLE RAINBOW.

I started freaking out mostly because of that youtube video that came out a few months ago with that guy taping a double rainbow and he was so emotional that he started crying. Did anyone watch that? Hilarious. I started to feel the same emotions. I ran back inside to wake up my sleeping beauty Ryan and insisted he HAD to wake up and witness this.

Unfortuantely, by the time he woke up and got dressed BOTH, not just one, but BOTH rainbows were gone. Too bad. I guess there are a select few who are worthy enough to see double rainbows.

Here are the pictures I took. By the time I went and got the camera the 2nd rainbow (which is on top of this bright one) was almost gone. If you look closely, you can see parts of it. It's there.... I promise. :)

I've also attached the youtube video for those who haven't seen it. For those who have, watch it again. It's hilarious and it represents exactly how I felt yesterday morning.