Mar 4, 2011

star struck

I went to my martial arts class awhile back and pulled up to the beach and saw that they were filming Hawaii 5-0. They just happened to be filming right where my class meets too. It was the whole she-bang with extras and camera men set up. They asked us if we could be cooperative and move our class down the beach a ways for them to film. We started walking to a different area and I walked by this guy and when I looked to see who it was I was completely star struck. I walked RIGHT BY the actor Scott Caan.

How am I supposed to pay attention after walking by a celebrity? No big deal right? But get this...

Our class was over and we were getting ready to leave when actor Alex O'Loughlin walked right up to us. It was my teacher, one other student and myself. RIGHT up to US! He came over asking what type of martial arts we were doing. He said he grew up doing martial arts and really respects it. He asked us where we were from and just a bunch of small talk. I'm not sure how I was even able to utter a single word. I hope my mouth wasn't wide open just staring. The whole time I'm listening to him talk i'm thinking... "Why on why do I not carry a camera with me every where I go??" Luckily, the other student had his camera phone and took a picture of my teacher and I with him. He was so friendly! Just writing about this experience I'm in complete awe. Anyway, he sat and talked with us for 10 minutes and someone from the crew had to come over and tell him they were ready for him. Let me be the first to say, Alex is such a nice guy (yes we are on a first name basis).

I went home and told Ryan all about my experience. I don't know why I was expecting him to be more excited. Here I am all giddy and wanted someone else to make a big deal about it but unfortunately I wasn't able to get that from Ryan. I had work that day but Ryan went back to go watch them film. He was able to get some good pictures too and watch one of their takes.