Mar 28, 2011

Church cartoons

This morning I woke up, knowing I had a 13 hour shift to do and to top it off, bad sleeps for the past 2 nights. Have you ever had your eyes burn and they're all red and it just feels OH SO GOOD being able to close them, even if it's just while you blink? That's how I felt this sabbath day. And not that I would consider it, but I wouldn't even be able to leave early because Ryan and I had to teach 3rd hour. But like I said, I wasn't even considering it.

At church I leaned over to Ryan and asked him for a pen. NO PEN?! I know I'm not a little kid anymore but c'mon now. I still like to draw and pass notes. Ryan said, "why can't we just talk quietly?...we don't need to pass notes." pff.  

Sometimes I feel like no one understands me...

Turns out, we found a pen in our teaching bag. YAY! and I went away writing notes and passing it to him. But when I write out a big paragraph and Ryan responds with 2 sentences, I can tell this isn't going to help pass the time... which led me to drawing cartoons on our sacrament program. I am not a good drawer, I don't ever really draw for real... I don't draw for fake either... just draw because of boredom. So I thought I would draw Ryan... and then Rita, and hey, while I'm at it, I'll draw the other caregivers too (Jeri, Carly, and Diane).

I showed Ryan after each picture to get his approval and see what he would say. He said Rita looked really good, but he was a little disappointed with his picture. Sheesh, it's a cartoon. Cut me some slack. I asked him if he would draw me... boy was that a mistake...

I could not believe that was supposed to be me!!!!!!!!!!!Are you wondering what he drew on the top of my head? Yeah, that's my hair pulled back. We laughed and laughed. I'm gonna have to say I am the artistic one in the relationship, but that I'm still grateful for my husband's drawings.