Dec 11, 2010

thank you technology. watching movies on an 8 hour flight.

Okay, so Ryan and I can finally start writing on our blog now that we have gotten to Hawaii!!! We are so excited to be here after waiting a few months to tell our family and a few months to actually leave.

 We had a rough start with our travels when we got to the airport at 7am and found out that there was a schedule change to our flight and it was actually leaving at 7:30!??? What? No one told us that... punks! Anyway, they were able to get us on another flight from phoenix to salt lake to honolulu and thanks to technology, the trip went by fast because I was able to watch Salt and Charlie St Cloud while Ryan played video poker.

After our long flight, Jeri (one of the other caregivers) picked us up from the airport. and yes, she had given us leis and only then did it feel like we were in hawaii.

On our drive to our new house and the drive was so beautiful. Green EVERYWHERE.

When we got to the house, we were finally able to meet Rita. The wonderful lady we were here to help take care of. What a hoot. I don't even know where to begin. Rita is the cutest lady with a great sense of humor. She's one of those ladies you could sit down and talk with for a long time just to hear what witty comment she has to say next.

Rita asked us where we came from and when Ryan said he was from colorado, her reply was " you're lying through your teeth." Turns out she's from Colorado and went on talking with Ryan about where she grew up.

All of the caregivers (aka Rita's girls) came over and had cooked us a dinner. We are all sitting around the table when Rita said, "I'm sorry to interrupt and change the subject but i just noticed that the one of those light bulbs is burnt out." We told her that's what Ryan was here for. To change all the light bulbs in the house. And once Ryan did so she said, "I guess we can keep him then." She went on to say that he has nice teeth and straight ears,  I guess that means he's good looking then. :)

Our New Home:
So our house is seriously on the beach. Our bedroom window has this amazing view and it's like, really? People actually have a view of the ocean in some of their homes? The past year living in Utah the only view we had out of our apartment was another apartment. lame. Ryan and I are one side of the house and Rita and Jeri are on the other. The living room and kitchen are in the middle of the house. We have a huge front yard with palm trees and flowers. and like i said before, everything is so GREEN!!!!


view from bedroom window

transporation to north sore

We were there just for the night and we took off on the bus the next morning up to La'ie to meet up with our friends. Here's a picture of a palm tree that is apparently popular. Someone said it's on some of the hawaiin postcards. 

I thought this sign was comical. i felt like it was telling me... you will get swept out and die. maybe  i'm just over thinking it.

B-e-a-utiful flowers
One in
every color

Dont' we look so happy? Just waiting for the bus. But we're happy.

Look at our christmas tree. i really thought it was fake but it is real. i promise. it came out of the backyard.

La'ie LDS Temple

Our friends live right next door to the Hawaii LDS temple. So the two pictures i have of the temple below are taken at different times.  For those of you who have seen the movie Yes Man, I did one of those photography runs where you take random pictures of what you see on your run. So the bright sunny picture of the temple was earlier that morning.

The sister missionaries are great photographers right?